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Please join with us as we pray for all those affected by the virus, for all those working to mitigate its effects, and for us as a church as we seek to discern the best ways in which we can reach out and support our local community.

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May 2022



February 2022


The Standing Committee met at the end of January, and felt that it was now safe to lighten up a little: 

  • Masks are now voluntary. However, if you are sitting close to someone wearing a mask, please respect them, by wearing yours or keeping your distance.
  • Socially distanced pews will still be available on the south side of church, but booking is no longer necessary.
  • Hand sanitiser and masks will still be available near the entrance, and at the front during communion.
  • Communion will continue to be administered by the vicar using tinctured wafers, rather than sharing the chalice.
  • Over the next few weeks, we will be trying out a choir procession, using a server and sidespeople, and other traditional features of the communion service.
  • Although the use of the projector is here to stay (with better equipment and positioning to look forward to in time), we will shortly be making Bibles and Hymn books available in the pews for those who prefer to use these.
  • Tea and coffee have made a welcome return. If you'd like to help out with this - especially if you could maintain a simple rota - please contact Chris Kershaw.

December 2021

In line with the government announcement regarding the Omicron Covid variant, we now require masks to be worn at all our service, unless you are exempt.

We are still using the pew arrangement detailed below.

September 2021

We are easing restrictions gradually, and have decided to make the following changes:

The pews on the south side - that's the side nearest the entrance - will remain marked out for social distancing for those who feel safer this way. That's the pews in the south aisle, and also the pews on the south side of the nave. You will still need to book for these pews - please contact Kate Best as usual, to reserve your place - perhaps become a 'regular'.

The pews on the north side will be free from restrictions. That's the pews in the north aisle, and also the pews on the north side of the nave. The pews at the back of the nave will also be free from restrictions.That's the pews nearest to the toilets.

Masks will be voluntary in those areas free from restrictions, but we do ask you to respect those who have chosen to be remain socially distanced, by wearing a mask when moving around the busy areas of the church.

Check here for a decision about singing in church.



16th July 2021

The Parish Church Council met on 16th July, and discussed its response to the government's announcement that legal restrictions are to be relaxed from 19th July.

We decided that at the Magdalene Centre, all our guidelines and restrictions in place at the moment will continue until the end of July. From 1st August, we made the following changes:

*   The signage at the centre will remain, but they should now be considered advisory rather than obligatory.

*   The gap between different user groups of 30 minutes will no longer apply, so users will be able to rearrange their booking times with the centre manager Juliet.

*   All other conditions listed in the Magdalene Centre reopening conditions (users have a copy of this) will still apply.

We will review the situation at our next meeting, at the beginning of March.

We are still NOT taking bookings from private hirers at present.

Should the government declare a new lockdown, the centre will of course, close again immediately.

16th June 2021

The Parish Church Council has decided that it would now be reasonable to reopen the Magdalene Centre, provided we employ a range of Covid-19 safety guidelines, a copy of which has been given to each user group.

Most of our regular users will be able to restart as soon as possible within the guidelines. However some may need to change their booking times in order to comply with the requirement for a 30 minute gap between different users.

We will NOT allowing bookings from private hirers at present.

All these measures will remain in place, regardless of the anticipated relaxation of government restrictions, until we have carried out a fresh review - it might be that we would  wish to retain some restrictions for a longer period. Should the government declare a new lockdown, the centre will of course, close again immediately.

20th May 2021

The PCC met on Thursday 20th May. A discussion on how and when to re-open the centre was on the agenda. However, we were not able to come to a definite decision during that meeting, but plan to hold a special PCC meeting in the next two or three weeks. At that point we hope to be able to make a decision and will let you all know. Thank you for your patience, which we hope will be rewarded soon.

13th March 2021


At our PCC meeting on Thursday 11 March, we decided to re-open St. Michael's, starting from Palm Sunday. 

During Holy Week, we'll have a mixture of services in church, in the churchyard and via Zoom. We will still be following all the usual covid-safe rules, including social distancing. Masks must be worn if entering the church building.

You will still need to book with Kate Best, but not before Monday 22nd March.

These are our Passiontide services (in church unless otherwise stated):

Palm Sunday 28th March
 8:30am     Holy Communion
10:30am    Holy Communion

Monday of Holy Week
Tuesday of Holy Week
Wednesday of Holy Week

 7pm          A short service of reflection via Zoom

Maundy Thursday 1st April
 7:30pm     Holy Communion service to commemorate the Last Supper

Good Friday 2nd April
10:30am   Service of reflection starting outside the church door, and
                  finishing at the foot of the cross in the Memorial Garden

Easter Sunday 4th April
 6:30am     Dawn service in the Memorial Garden 
 8:30am     Holy Communion
10:30am    Holy Communion


After studying the government guidance, we felt that the Magdalene Centre could be re-opened - for regular groups only - once Stage Three of the Roadmap has commenced. However, to avoid disappointment, we want to be sure that the roadmap is going according to plan before making any decision.
The PCC meets next on Thursday 20 May, and we will hopefully be in a position at that meeting to set a re-opening date, and decide what precautions need to be put in place to comply with government advice at that time. 



3rd March 2021


Even though the church is closed at present, the work of the PCC continues, and we have recently been considering when we should reopen church. We know everyone is looking forward to being able to worship together in our lovely church building once again.
The Prime Minister recently announced the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions over the coming months due to the success of the vaccine rollout, the decreasing hospital admissions and, thankfully, the decreasing death rate nationally.
However, you may not be aware that the infection rate in Tameside remains higher than other parts of the country, with the Borough now ranked 12th nationally for the number of new infections. The Kent Covid variant is dominant in the borough.
Figures released by Public Health England shown the rate of infections per 100,000 for Tameside are currently 193.4 (as of Friday 26th February) whilst the England rate is only 112.4 per 100,000. The infection rate is decreasing, but slowly. There are serious concerns among local leaders that they may have to implement local restrictions despite national restrictions being lifted.
The Tameside Director of Health, Dr Jeanelle de Gruchy, recently issued a statement via video in which she states we should only leave home for essential reasons. This is the link to the full video:
Mindful of this, and the PCC's responsibility toward ensuring we remain Covid safe, we have decided to remain closed for the time being. The PCC is meeting via zoom on Thursday 11th March and will consider the situation further then.
We know many of you will be disappointed with this. But as we are often told "it's a marathon not a sprint" - we will be together again once it is safe to do so.
Stay safe,
Kate Best
PCC Secretary


5th January 2021


Along with many other churches, we've decided that, although the government restrictions do not specifically forbid face-to-face worship, it would be safer for us to close our church building, except for essential services such as funerals. (and weddings where permitted).


If you would like to join us for our on-line worship, just sign up for our eNews mailing list by clicking on the picture, and you'll receive the Zoom link by email.


2nd January 2021


Just as we were making plans to enhance our Covid-safety procedures, the weather turned, and we have reluctantly taken the decision NOT to open the church tomorrow - 3rd January.

In view of the much increased transmittance of the new variant of the coronavirus, we want to make sure we are all safe. In the event that someone slipped or had a car accident on the way to church tomorrow, a visit to A&E would be an unnecessary risk.

We'll update you later in the week about future services

Our service of Morning Praise for Epiphany, will take place on-line at 10am tomorrow morning, and will feature a traditional Epiphany service of Blessing a Home and Chalking the Door!

You can download the Blessing Service by clicking here, so that you can do it at home later.

If you want to join us for our on-line worship, just sign up for our eNews mailing list by clicking here, and you'll receive the Zoom link by email.


December 2020


The Magdalene Centre is currently not available for hire, due to the coronavirus restrictions. We have one user - Appleton Childcare - who is using the building to support the important work of our local Primary Schools by providing an Out of School Club for children whose parents cannot pick up or collect children from school at the usual hours.

The church is very happy to support the community in this way. However, we do not have the resources to meet the stringent sanitisation program that would be required to allow multiple groups to use the building.


27th November 2020


After a final (for now) Zoom service on Sunday 29th November, we'll be back in church on 6th December.

Click here for more details.


13th November 2020


For the next three weeks, we'll be joining Rev Cait in her kitchen by Zoom, and sharing in worship from the comfort and safety of our own homes. Details will be published in our regular eNews bulletins.


1st November 2020


In accordance with the latest Government announcement, worship will cease at St. Michael's until at least Sunday 6th December. We are working on putting some worship on-line - please check here for further updates.

October 2020


To find out about our 2020 Memorial and Remembrance services, click here.

September 2020


From Sunday 27th September, Rev Cait will be leading two Holy Communion services, at 8:30 and 10.30 every Sunday.

If you would like to attend please contact Kate Best.

Please contact Kate only between Monday and Thursday each week, to book for the following Sunday's service. You can phone her on 01457 857248 or preferably, email her at

Please do not send texts to her landline, and leave only one message - she will get back to you!


22nd August 2020


Click here to read about how our church finances have been affected by the Coronavirus crisis.


2nd August 2020


We will reopen for our 10.30 Sunday services starting on 16th August.  Initially these will be along the lines of Morning Praise, not Holy Communion, and will be only at 10.30 – we will remain shut for the 8.30 service.

Seating in our church building has been arranged to take account of safe social distancing. This means there is a limit to the number that can attend and we have put a “booking system” in place. If you would like to attend please let Kate Best know by the Thursday before each Sunday service. Kate’s phone number is 01457 857248.

And to save you asking – yes, we are wearing Covid masks, so please bring one.



July 2020

Hattersley Foodbank

Please continue to donate - as lockdown eases, the situation for many families remains critical, and as unemployment increases, the need is likely to increase.

You can leave donations at Tescos in the box near the exit.

You can drop off donations at Hattersley Baptist Church, Melandra Crescent, at these times:
Fridays 10am-4pm

Opening times for collections by clients
Fridays from 2pm-3pm

Financial donations are welcome:

Details for on-off or regular giving by cheque, bank transfer or standing order, together with a gift aid form, can be found here:


Sunday 12th July 2020


The Government has recently announced that church buildings will be able to open for public worship as part of the easing of Covid-19 lockdown. The Diocese of Chester has issued advice and guidance to all churches and has stressed again that the decision whether to open or not is up to individual churches.

PCC have discussed the situation and have decided NOT to open for the immediate future. Please remember that being shut is only a temporary measure and we will eventually reopen, but we need to see what happens now that lockdown has been eased.

PCC will review the situation towards the end of this month.

Stay safe

David and Dejan


Saturday 27th June 2020


In the Mottram Parish eNews bulletin of 13th June we explained our reasons for not opening up Mottram Church for private prayer. Since then the Government has announced that church buildings will be able to reopen for public worship from 4th July, providing physical distancing remains in place.

In the most recent advice from the Diocese of Chester it is made clear that further advice for parishes will be given once Government guidance is available, but it again emphasises that the change in Government guidance is permissive, not prescriptive. It also stresses that not all church buildings will be ready to hold regular services from 4th July and that this should happen only when we have confidence that it can be done safely.

Our church building remains closed for now, but our church remains alive and active. May we continue to pray as we await further guidance, and may we continue to bless and support one another as we look forward to the time when we can meet again in worship.

Stay safe

David and Dejan


Saturday 13th June 2020

The government has recently announced that places of worship can open up for private individual prayer.

Over the past week we have discussed this possibility, but have reached the conclusion that Mottram Church is not yet ready to open.

This decision was based on a number of safety factors, not least being the relatively high R number in the north-west and Tameside in particular, and problems relating to social distancing, cleaning, etc.

In the most recent advice from the Diocese of Chester, Bishop Keith writes that “the new guidance is permissive, not prescriptive. There is no rush to respond. Let’s encourage a culture of patience, especially among any who will have wanted all this to happen yesterday”.
We wish to stress that having our church closed is not meant to be a permanent measure and we will reopen when the Covid-19 situation improves. Meanwhile we ask for your patience and understanding.

David and Dejan


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