Magdalene Centre Users

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The Magdalene Centre is currently not available for hire, due to the coronavirus restrictions. We have one user - Appleton Childcare - who is using the building to support the important work of our local Primary Schools by providing an Out of School Club for children whose parents cannot pick up or collect children from school at the usual hours.

The church is very happy to support the community in this way. However, we do not have the resources to meet the stringent sanitisation program that would be required to allow multiple groups to use the building.

Appleton Childcare use the Chapman Room every day during term time, as a quiet room for their before- and after-school clubs. The Hall is available for hire for occasional one-off events and parties. In addition, we are pleased to be associated with the following groups who use the Magdalene Centre regularly:

To book the Magdalene Centre for your own group, event or party

Contact Juliet Edwards, the Magdalene Centre Manager, telephone 07935 498208, email magdalenecentre@ (all our email addresses* end with, or use her contact form.

*We've broken up all the email addresses on this website, for spam protection.