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Chester Diocese Past Cases Review

All parishes are required to participate in a Past Cases Review, commissioned by the Church of England. PCR2, as it is known nationally, is part of the Church's ongoing scrutiny of its handling of past and current safeguarding cases. An Independent Reviewer looked at files relating to church officers in this parish, both lay and ordained, past and present. 

You can find out more about the results of PCR2 here


We undertake:

  • To prevent abuse and report any which is discovered or suspected.
  • To protect those who work with vulnerable people and to support them in carrying out that work safely.
  • To promote the growth of all within the love and nurture of the church community.

Keeping children and vulnerable adults safe

It is important for people who work within the church to know about the signs that someone is being hurt and what to do about this if they have concerns. Within the church there are various jobs which people do where they might be more likely to come across people of any age who are in distress – for example Sunday School teachers, and, most obviously, members of the clergy. The policy describes how they will be trained and supported, and includes comprehensive guidance on how to deal with safeguarding issues.

The policy also aims to help those who might themselves be the subject of abuse – young or old - so that they know who they might trust to help them.

The people who work on behalf of our church are people of love and integrity, whose prime concern is in sharing the good news of Jesus through the work that they do. We do, however, need to make sure that no-one who seeks to hurt others is allowed to work with vulnerable people in our congregation, and the policy will help us by setting out systems for recruitment, training and supervision where this is relevant.

Our Parish Safeguarding Coordinator is Claire Bibby. You can contact her on 01457 763758. If you are worried about a particular person or situation in connection with any church activity, you can use a safe email address to report it: this email is checked daily, and can be accessed only by Claire. Contact: safemottram@ (this email address* ends with *We've broken up this email address for spam protection.

We have adopted the national Church of England's robust procedures and guidelines. If you have any safeguarding concerns or issues of a safeguarding matter then you can contact Claire, or find more useful contact information within Chester Diocese at


To download copies of our safeguarding Policies:

click here for our General Safeguarding Policy;

click here for our Sunday School safety and safeguarding leaflet;

click here for advice on how to interact with children and young people using mobile phones, email and social media;

click here for advice for those working with adults (over 18s).

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